The 30 Day Juice Challenge + Detox

I wanted to bring back an older post about Tracee Sloan and her free 30 day juice challenge.  She was also in a very bad state of health and got herself beyond back on track through juicing and diet.  You can find that article on this blog to read up on her.

This 30 day challenge that she developed gives you shopping lists and daily recipes to get you started slowly.  Many get the juicing fever and go right for the mean green and realize that their taste buds are just not ready yet.  Many just do not know how to combine ingredients to make the juice drinkable.  Tracee has created a plan where you start off simple and a bit sweet with few ingredients to ease you in.  As each week passes, the recipes get a bit more daring.  By the end of the 30 days, most individuals will want to keep going for 60+ because their body would have detoxed and they feel fantastic!! Note: this is not a juice only challenge, you can eat normally if you wish.

Detoxing while juicing for 30 days and beyond

Your body will start to purge toxins and you will go through a detox phase.  The harmful bacteria and microbes die and release toxins into the bloodstream as you flood your body with live juices.  If you are also adding in oregano oil, coconut oil or garlic than this will speed up the process greatly.  Don’t be discouraged and quit! You will need to make it past this point to feel fantastic and truly start to heal.  I had muscle aches, a few cleansing bathroom visits and sometimes headaches.  Please read up on this with this link:  This is for a juice fast, but you can experience some of the same as listed here.

As always, let me know of any questions that you have and I will do my best to help you get through just as I did.  Take care!


2 thoughts on “The 30 Day Juice Challenge + Detox

  1. Hi Nathan: I just wanted to say hi. Hope you had a good weekend. I just took two days off from juicing and made an organic chicken soup. Taste real good. [?] Well, tomorrow is Monday and I think I will juice carrots and apples this week. How does that sound? I’m trying to sleep, but most times its a struggle. Anyway, I do feel a lot better. Oh, by the way, I have great news…I’ve gained 4 lbs. [?] I must be making progress. I just need to drink more water than I do and stay hydrated.

    Anyway, sweet dreams. [?] Chat during week. [?]


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