Eliminating Crohn’s Disease by Cultivating Health

Many of the medical methods done today either try to cover up the symptoms/problem or simply poison the body, as in cancer treatments.  I believe that we need this medical intervention to an extent, but we rely on it being the only option for us when something goes wrong in our bodies.

My mission to cure my own Crohn’s Disease has changed after 10-11 months.  I no longer create juice to calm inflammation or heal ulcers.  That no longer is an issue now that I do not put food/drink in my body that causes that to flare up or get out of control.  The mission at this point is to cultivate health so that there is little change for disease to develop at all.

Disease thrives in an acidic unbalanced environment and that is what I had created back in 2009.  I now have a completely alkaline environment and an extremely healthy flora balance.  Disease cannot last in a healthy environment!  Basic colds, virus and flu will prey on those with an unhealthy flora environment and they will hopefully skip over mine.

Juicing has been completely amazing!  It has freed me of my medication and kept me out of the jail that is my bathroom.  It has given me energy and mental clarity.  Most of all,  I have been able to share all that I have done with those all around the world and simply help them.  I have inspired quite a few people to get started juicing.  Some not for Crohn’s and I always wonder if other more serious health problems have now been avoided for both myself and others due to this method.

The only negative part is that during tax time I have no doctor visit receipts to claim for a refund – 🙂


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