10 Months of Juicing for Crohn’s!!

I am now heading into my 11th month of daily juicing.  The title says juicing for Crohn’s, but I am now really juicing for overall health, energy and mental clarity.  I love to look back and compare my medication schedule and eating habits to what I do now to see such a huge difference.  I wish I figured out this route much sooner.  This is why it is important to get this information out there to friends and family who could benefit.

2009-2014 : Each and every day…

  • 8x pentasa a day
  • 3x budesonide
  • 2x ibs med
  • 2x multi-vit – not absorbed
  • 1x celexa – antidepressant
  • Still symptomatic, still inflammation, still many bathroom trips
  • Glutamine mix to heal lining


  • 1 daily juice 20-25oz
  • 3-4 wheatgrass tablets = That’s all!!!! 🙂

The wheatgrass tablets are not really necessary.  I just take them because I do not have wheatgrass on hand at all times.  I feel that they give me a boost of energy and reduce the need for deodorant.  They also help to kill any harmful bacteria that might be attempting to grow and overtake my system.

I think I really put my full effort into this method when I read a statistic that about 70 percent or more of Crohn’s patients require surgical intervention at some point.  That is a crazy statistic that shows the medical route just is not working at all!  The left over 30 percent are people like me who figure out a different way.  Pass this on and inform all that you can!


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