Is everyone Brainwashed?

I read a lot of comments on the message boards on Facebook, Twitter and CCFA.  There are so many people stuck in the “medicine can save me route”!  They are convinced that there is no cure or method for healing Crohn’s and they try medicine after medicine with poor results.  I am baffled as to why they don’t have the drive at this point to try something that has literally erased my Crohn’s symptoms.  I think the reason is that the way that I chose is not approved by the FDA.  I always laugh at this one because the FDA is by no means on your side to protect you.  The FDA got you sick and is keeping you sick.  Are there any natural remedies that are approved by the FDA?? No, because they actually work and cure medical problems!

Here is an example:  My 2 year old son had an ear infection to the point of needing tubes.  The doctor gave him medicine #1 and it did not clear up.  The doctor gave him a stronger oral antibiotic and he developed diarrhea with a rash and had to stop that one.  The doctor gave him a 3rd antibiotic and it still did not get rid of the ear infection.  We then gave him probiotics/yogurt and placed olive oil and raw garlic drops directly in his ears and he was better in 2-3 days!!!! 

The point is that our medicine today does not cure anything.  Most of the time it creates a bigger problem with many side effects.  When you try something that is not approved by the FDA like juicing4crohns, it just might be the answer that they don’t want you to know about because it works!! Try having a conversation with a specialist about nutrition and let me know how long the conversation lasts.

This takes drive and determination, but I like to call it my cure:

  • Change your diet – Eliminate all processed food
  • Eliminate dairy and wheat
  • Get a great probiotic
  • Get some oil of oregano capsules and eat garlic
  • Flood your body with fresh juices :16oz a day

It is not going to be as easy as popping a pill.  This is going to be work!! If your tired of going to the bathroom 15x a day and tired of all the doctors visits with no answers, then do something different!!

I make zero money telling you all of this! My payments are just simply comments where someone has finally tried this and is feeling well.

Energy Juice mix for this week:

  • 2 medium apples
  • 1 medium beet
  • 2 oranges peeled
  • 1 inch of ginger

37 thoughts on “Is everyone Brainwashed?

  1. Hi Nicholas. I totally agree with you. I’ve been told for years I had UC and I ate clean while in remission for 4-1/2 years. All of a sudden I’m literally fighting for my life and 6 days in the hosp. Just got out on 09/05/14. I was completely dehydrated for 3-4 days no urine. I was in bad shape. I HATE THE FACT I’M ON THEIR POISON!!!! I need to wean off the PREDNISONE ASAP!!!!! I juice 2-3x a day, green veggies. No processed food, no dairy, no hot spices, no red meats, etc. I’m more cautious than ever now. I need to be. I’m on your side. Check this out, I’m a Registered Medical Assistant at that. I just need to be over this as quickly and natural as possible. BY THE WAY, I KNOW IT’S POSSIBLE. THERE IS NO MAYBE. IT’S POSSIBLE. Can you help me get off the PREDNISONE ASAP?


    • What caused you to come out of remission so suddenly?? That drug is for anti inflammatory. You would need to juice a lot of ginger and get the cabbage juice to heal ulcers…Apple cabbage and heavy on the ginger. Cook with turmeric!! Aloe juice is also anti inflammatory and healing. One last idea…wheat grass in either tablet form or juiced!!!

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      • iYhad 2 teeth extracted on 07/26 and given a script for FLAGYL of all things. I took it without knowing what the out come was waiting for me. And that was all she wrote. I was done. I can’t tell you I’m not angered by all this cause I most certainly am. Without a doubt. And of course I called the dentist and cut her a new one for her stupidity and never communicating with me. After all I had be given a sedative for the teeth removal so I was unaware what she’d gave me until it was too late. I never take meds in the first place. I go as natural as possible for good reason. I WANT TO LIVE!!!!


      • Wow yes that will do it!! That stuff just kills a lot of good microbes too. Make sure you get a good probiotic to get your balance back in check. Look up cabbage I have heard it does wonders for uc 🙂 🙂 you will get back to good health because you already know about diet and juicing 🙂 🙂 star positive 🙂 🙂


  2. I know the juices work cause I’ve done it before, just got off course for a little bit. I juiced the green/purple cabbage, ginger, carrots and apples the other day. I have some juice I plan on finishing today. Your opinions matter to me and so do your recipes. I need to get well like yesterday. I can’t work and I’ve no income at the moment. So the faster I do this the better for me and I can return to work. My situation is URGENT. I need to come off the PREDNISONE NOW!


      • Hello! How long will it take for the ginger to replace the Prednisone? I need this bad stuff gone now. I’m in the process of decreasing dose as of today.


      • You definitely want to go slow with the decrease. There is a method to do it and it is different with each person. I was taking 3 in the morning and I went to 3 then 2 for a few weeks then to one for a few weeks then 1 every other day. It is a process.


      • Ok Nicholas, my thing is 40 mg everyday. So I took 1 20 mg with lunch and I will take the attitional 20 mg tonight. Please help me decrease safely Nicholas. Please. My eye sight is being effected, my hair if falling out, I know I lost 12 lbs, but seriously, eating 24-7 is out the window! Pls. advise. I need to recover so I can go back to work. I’m not able to live with no income.


      • I cannot tell you to decrease your meds legally or how to exactly do it. I can only say that I slowly decreased and give you an example of how I did it. I was taking 8 pentasa a day. I decreased to just 3 doses for 2 weeks. Next I went to 2 doses for 2 weeks. Then I did 1 dose per day for a week or so. It is something that you need to research and find out for yourself to be as safe as you can.


      • Oh I know it!! You really have to feel things out with your own body and monitor progress. When I did it I had to listen to my body and really focus on how my stomach was feeling and mostly you need to look in the toilet to see how things are going. I know gross right, but if there is less and less mucous or blood and better formation, you are on the right track – then you can take out more and more meds and monitor until you are hopefully med free:):)


      • I’m just desperate to get off this crap. I hate what’s it doing to me and my body I’m just wanting and needing to return to work ASAP! Prednisone is no one’s friend. The things it’s doing to me is hurting me. I see doc, next week so she needs to hear me on this. I think.


      • Yes and they should listen to you about it!! Ask them about a weaning off schedule due to your clean diet and juice lifestyle. They of course will be against going off meds, but demand that you want to at least know the proper way of doing it for your current situation. That drug is very harsh and I was luck not to be on that specific one – it was endocort which was a bit more mild. They will agree to weaning you off if you are showing good progress so juice up!!!!!


  3. Hi Nicholas,
    I recently started reading your blog and I love it! I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate it! I’m 38 and for the past 12 years I have been living with Crohn’s disease. It’s been a very emotional roller coaster. I stumbled across your blog one night in search for juicing recipes and started reading! A friend of mine who is going through schooling to become a nutritionist and she told me about ‘juicing’ which I’m totally addicted too by the way 🙂 I started making massive changes in my life – I started to cut out processed foods, dairy, gluten… I switched to everything organic, antibiotic free and hormone free and started taking oil of oregano and garlic and turmeric daily. I started taking probiotics daily. While I have been making all of these changes and feeling fantastic about making healthier choices, I am still taking humira for treatment. I would absolutely LOVE to get off of this drug. I hate being on it and it has caused me some severe anxiety issues over all of the possible side effects. I know in order for this to happen, I must continue to make changes and continue to heal. I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration! It has helped me a great deal on my journey to one day be medicine free!
    Thank you 🙂
    Stacey Uhler


    • Wow, it is so great that you have made all of these great changes. I am impressed by all of your efforts and you are on the path to total wellness. You will get off of that medication just keep on doing what you are doing and it will happen. Great job!!!!#!!###:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. Hi Nicholas, I am 75years old and was finally told I have crohns last year after many negative colonoscopy over the years. I was so sick last year I thought I was on deaths bed, of course, I was put on one med after the other, I developed elities and put on large doses of predisone for that and the crohns. I was searching the web last month and came across your site, it made so much sense so I went right out and bought all the fruits and veggies you talked about got a juicer and started juicing, I wasn’t looking for immediate relief but the next day I really did feel better and the following day I had a normal bowel, I almost fell off the stool with excitement. I have had some set backs but I found out every time I ate bread or anything wheat I got sick so I think I am also gluten intollerant, also dairy intollerant. Now I am juicing and eating natural and whole. I want to get off my medications, how do I do that?


    • That is wonderful news!!! Keep at it. You have to slowly wean off the meds and only you can make the decision to do that. I did 3 pills for 2 weeks. Then 2 pills for 2 weeks. Then 1 pill then zero- like that but for your personal situation. Please keep in touch and let me know how it goes. Very exciting when you actually have a normal movement after so long!!#! 🙂


    • Yeah people, there is light at the end of the tunnel. PLEASE trust that!. EAT RIGHT!!!! Trust and believe you can and will be cured with what God put hear on earth to be used properly. Medication is NOT always the answer. More times than none that stuff is not your friend. That’s what caused my problem this time and almost took my life from me. I was so far gone, I went from 112 lbs. to 100 lbs. in 3 weeks. I no longer had a need to urinate because there was nothing left. Good for me I went to ER when my friends took me. I would not be writing to you now. Use the resources God gave us and you’ll make it. Just do it! Make sure not to talk about doing it. JUST DO IT.! JUICE, JUICE, JUICE!!!! PS: don’t let the FDA know you know what’s good for you…….they have no clue. If it’s not in the form of a medication script, they don’t want to know about you. Make sure to wash with soap all your fresh veggies and rinse them real good. Enjoy!


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