The Dangers of Immune Altering Drugs

It is widely known that the intestinal bacteria/flora in the human body regulates the immune system.  If you have a strong immune system and rarely get sick, your good bacteria levels are sound.  Many times if someone is always getting sick they have poor flora levels and this stems from the foods they put into their bodies that harms these levels.  

I remember in my first year of teaching that I was never sick. Not a sniffle, cough or anything.  I remember that every single morning at breakfast time I would eat a full cup of probiotic filled yogurt and a large glass of cranberry juice.  In my second year of teaching I did not do this and I was sick a few times throughout the year.  

The internal flora is the key here to keeping your immune system strong.  Some of the drugs that are being prescribed lower your immune system so that the attack is reduced and inflammation is also reduced.  These drugs open up the door to serious infections by lowering the immune response. The side effects of these products are just plain scary!

Doctors are prescribing these drugs that actually can cause other dangerous infections and sickness that would then require the use of another drug or antibiotic!! Crazy!!

If you want to stop your immune system from attacking your body with harmful inflammation, work toward creating a balanced intestinal flora.  When you eat foods that help this balance and juice ingredients that strengthen/regulate the immune system you don’t need to take drugs to weaken your immune system.  Your body will naturally regulate itself through a proper balance of flora.  

Juicing provides: Immunity, detoxification, anti-cancer cells, energy, anti-inflammatory, mental clarity, proper digestion.

It is one of the best things you can do for prevention of disease and a healer of the disease itself!


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