The Cause of Crohn’s : The American Diet

I have had many messages relating to this post so I thought I would reblog it out again. Working on some new stuff relating to Candida and its’ role in the development of Crohn’s.




As I look at my world statistics for this blog site each day, I notice which country has the most hits and countries that I have never seen yet on the list.  America always leads the pack in web hits by far!  Many countries from Europe hit the list from time to time.  I rarely see countries like India, China or Japan.  One might say that the people in these countries have no need to do a web search for Crohn’s and juicing.  I believe they have the internet in these places – haha. 

It is so completely obvious that the food we eat here that is processed is the root cause.  The diet in these other countries is far different and the statistics for Crohn’/Colitis is dramatically lower.  Also, Crohn’s is a younger individuals disease.  Many who get this ailment are from age 15-35.  It is more uncommon for…

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