The Candida = Crohn’s Link Part 2

If you recall, I was experimenting with wheat a while back and created another imbalance that required taking supplements again of oregano and garlic.  I finished off a big juice today and some of my last supplements and got a headache an hour later.  This has been happening often as I finish up my metagenics supplements.  I am killing Candida Yeast finally and the toxins are being released!! This happened the first time before the wheat trials and I forgot about it.  I got really sick the last time with flu like symptoms.  I thought I had the stomach bug, but it wasn’t the same as others around me.  

It is really time to start looking at a highly probable cause for Crohn’s disease and other immune related ailments.  The link above begins to discuss how Candida/Yeast can play a major roll in the development of Crohn’s and how it can keep Crohn’s moving in a negative direction.  

This yeast is strong!! It affects the immune system greatly and it is difficult to get rid of.  Once it overtakes the good bacteria in the gut, you need to take drastic measures to kill it and bring the environment back to normal.  

  • Starve the Candida with a low sugar, carb, processed food diet.  These things feed the yeast!
  • Eat garlic, oregano, olive oil, green tea and coconut oil.  These destroy Candida!!
  • Take a supplement with the above key ingredients included!

Juicing and Candida

There are ingredients that you put into a juice that kill Candida Yeast.  You are also flushing in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.  Juicing is powerful, but it does need a bit of help if you have a full blown candida overgrowth problem.  When you starve the yeast with diet and kill it off with supplements, juicing can keep the balance very nicely.  Ingredients such as carrots, bell peppers, lemons, cabbage, beets, ginger… the list goes on and on!

Start doing some research on Candida and you will see how it all seems to link together to your current Crohn’s condition.  

Processed Food/Antibiotic use–>Candida overgrowth–>immune system overactive–>Crohn’s/inflammation—> Pain/Food Sensitivities/Poor Digestion = Cycle!!!!


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