**Juicing + Fermented Foods**

My last post about doctors beginning to realize that bacteria plays a key role in the development of Crohn’s Disease and Colitis, has really given me motivation.  It shows that the body needs healthy bacteria, enzymes and nutrients to operate properly and avoid sickness.  I get these key things from juicing daily and now I will from additions to my diet.  

I received instructions on how to create fermented foods from “Non GMO Project Verified” on Facebook.  My next mission is to create some of these foods and basically flood the body with live strong probiotics on a long term daily basis.  This along with the daily juicing habit, should create a perfect bacteria balance and prevent any possible relapse if I eat something wrong here or there.  

The key to all of this is to make juicing and diet a lifestyle and not ever think of it as a diet or fad. This is a new way to live your life.  

Clean Eating = Food that give you what your body needs – just a few ingredients!

Avoid GMO, Preservatives and chemicals = The overall cause of your Crohn’s Disease.

Juicing = Flush toxins, heal ulcers, inflammation, immunity, fight cancer, enzymes.

Probiotic Foods = Build a strong balance against harmful organisms and sickness.

Herbal Supplements = Garlic, oregano – kill yeast, fungi, bacteria, parasites. 

Keep in mind that the herbal supplements are only there in the beginning when you have a large imbalance going.  Juicing can taper down a bit as you correct the imbalance and see results.  I started off at closer to 32oz a day and I am going for 15oz daily at this point.  Food needs to be a new way of life!  Read labels and don’t ever go back to the horrid imbalance.  It is not worth putting processed food back in and ruining your progress.  



8 thoughts on “**Juicing + Fermented Foods**

  1. Nick, I really appreciate people like you willing to put in the time and dedication researching these diseases and how we can help ourselves. I experienced similar frustration with 3 different GI doctors now telling me that there is no “special” diet you’ll be on medication for the rest of your life. It wasn’t until just recently that I basically had to beg for my current GI to give some insight into diet because it is impossible for them it not to play a role in the disease that impacts the Digestive System. And I was given a brochure that led me to the CCFA, this community and I found your blog through one of the posts! I have Ulcerative Colitis, I’m currently in a drug study trial, and after 13 long weeks (5 years of total history) I’m just now beginning to experience relieve. I don’t want to be on medication for my whole life. I know UC and Chron’s are similar but not exactly the same. Do you think what you’ve outlined would be a good start for the UC people also? Regards, Anthony


    • Yes Crohn’s and Colitis sufferers would benefit from what I have written about. Specifically for you -would be adding juices with Cabbage juice and something sweet to cover the taste. Apple, cabbage, lemon, ginger! There are actual studies of how well cabbage juice heals ulcers and it would work wonders for colitis!! I believe the ulcers are there in the first place due to a severe disruption of flora from chemicals in the food. Your flora goes way out of control and you develop ulcers as the harmful bacteria strengthens. Seriously consider the cabbage juice along with other juices to heal ulcers and the lining. I have seen positive results from many individuals every time!!! Watch Jason Vales Super Juice Me. There is a man on that video that has colitis and does not get better until he adds the cabbage juice in. He is healed toward the end of the movie!! Amazing stuff!!

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    • I have realized that it is very important to both juice and take a supplement to kill off the bad bacteria/yeast. The juicing truly works when you clear out the bad bacteria and leave the good to take over. The juicing then strengthens the good bacteria! Take a supplement that contains oregano oil. I use metagenics brand and it is called candibactin AR and candibactin BR. You need to do this one time and it worked very well for me. The juicing then takes over and clears, heals and basically cures!!


  2. Hey Nick! Great info! I love making things but since I eat a whole food based diet, I do spend a lot of time cooking. For the fermented stuff, you can try Real Pickles brand at Whole Foods for fermented kimchi, pickles, carrots/ginger, beets/onions etc. It’s the real deal. It can save you some time if you choose. Also the mason jars can be reused which is cool.

    Also check out this article. I have been consuming fried plantains (coconut oil or Grass Fed Butter) with cinnamon and sea salt for some time and noticed a big difference in the bacteria on my tongue.


    • Great info!! Thank you! I was just reading about that polysorbate 80 and bacteria link – interesting. Thanks for the tip about real pickles brand. I will check that out soon. This is all making some good sense and I hope more people like yourself start to figure the healthy way out. Keep the great info coming!!


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