So what is the cause for autoimmune disease?

Doctors still have no idea what the cause for autoimmune disease is because they are not looking for it in the correct manner.  Looking into it might provide a cure and big pharm would not like that very much at all.  Now, I am not anywhere near as smart as a doctor and I accept that!  I do feel however, that I am smarter in the fact that I look into all possible options, both medical and holistic methods. 

I went down the medical route and it truly only treats the symptoms. There was never any mention on ways to figure out the cause! Never in all 5 years of trying!! The only mention on nutrition was to identify your trigger foods.  What about preservatives, chemicals, wheat??? It wasn’t until I personally started researching and reading, did I find methods that actually worked to heal and cure!!  It all made perfect sense when I realized what needed to be done.  When it started to work, I was pretty amazed, but not surprised because it just made logical sense. 

There is a very sensitive balance of good and bad bacteria in your digestive tract.  Many things can disturb the balance.  Let’s say you contract a virus and you get diarrhea as a result.  The bacteria in your gut has been altered by the virus and there are certain dietary things you need to do to get it back on track.  Now let’s change the virus to gluten!  The same thing happens and every time you eat it, you disturb the balance.  This happens every time you eat wheat and it is in everything!!! Your body just does not have time to rebound and fix the balance as you keep eating it.

Look anywhere on the internet – Wheat/Gluten is not the same product as it was 50 years ago.  Something has changed in how it is grown and used.  The same thing goes for all of the chemicals and preservatives in the food.  Your gut flora does not stand a chance!!!

I know of someone who cannot eat any gluten what so ever here in America.  When she travels to Europe and eats a similar product – No problems!!! Why??? I’ll leave you with that….





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