Crohn’s/Colitis Specific Juice + Cool Tip

This recipe below focuses on healing of the gut lining, correcting the imbalance of bacteria and reducing inflammation.  After making the juice, see the cool tip at the bottom to chill the juice down without watering it down.

Balance Juice

  • Pear – Colon health, anti-inflammatory, immune booster
  • Carrot – Alkaline, anti-inflammatory, immune booster, ulcer healer, intestinal soother
  • Beet – Alkaline, Cancer fighter, blood cleanser, detox, ulcer healer
  • Purple Cabbage – Cancer fighter, Ulcer Healer, immune booster,
  • Fennel – Cancer fighter, gas and diarrhea fighter, indigestion
  • Ginger – Flatulence, Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic
  • Lemon with skin – Alkaline, digestion, anti-inflammatory
  • 2-3 coconut water ice cubes – Immune booster, hydrating, detox, alkaline

Cool Tip:  I thought about this idea today and I am sure others have figured this one out before.  I love to add coconut water to my juice to both smooth it out and cool it down.  I thought why not just pour the coconut water directly into an ice cube tray.  It will add a bit of extra sweetness to your juice to cover possible bitterness and cool the juice down without watering it down.  Coconut water also has electrolytes and works better than Gatorade to provide hydration to the body.



3 thoughts on “Crohn’s/Colitis Specific Juice + Cool Tip

    • Thank you!! That one should be sweet and really good for you at the same time. I have tended to make a majority of “healthy” mixes lately that were not worth a share for taste. Hope all is well!!


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