Video Steps to heal/cure Crohn’s

  • The first step is to get away from the American diet and eat real food with as few ingredients as possible.  Watch this video for foods to avoid that have horrible chemicals and preservatives and disturb your intestinal flora
  • The second step is to cleanse and flush the body with herbs that kill bacteria overgrowth such as yeast, parasites and fungi.  This is where Oregano oil comes into play.
  • The third step includes eating foods that speed the second step along.  Adding garlic, coconut oil, cinnamon, olive oil and turmeric can help you turn the tables on the imbalance that causes Crohn’s disease to occur.
  • In the fourth step you bring in fresh juicing that includes ingredients that now rebuild and heal your gi tract.  These juices also rid your body of harmful bacteria and increase enzymes and beneficial bacteria.

If you do all of these suggestions religiously, you can kiss your prescription drugs goodbye.  I hope you enjoy some of the information from the video links.  I am doing everything above and I am seeing amazing results. 



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