Progress: Juicing, Oregano oil and Garlic

Many of the symptoms I was having when adding wheat/gluten to my diet have vanished.  I no longer have excessive gas that has a strong odor.  Bathroom visits have normalized to 1x a day on average.  Stool sinks instead of floats and all food is digested.  Here is what I have done to get back on track without the need for any prescription drugs in about 9 months.


  • The juices that I have been making include a lot of ingredients that kill candida yeast, bacteria and parasites.  I juice on an empty stomach 1x a day at about 24oz.  This way the goodness of the juice goes directly into your blood stream.  I juiced cabbage, carrots, apples, lemons, ginger, parsley, cilantro, kale, fennel, and celery.  I tried to avoid making any juices that contained too many fruits to avoid the sugar as candida love to eat it. 

Oregano Oil

  • I have been taking supplements from Metagenics:  Candibactin AR and BR.  The oregano oil in these supplements is what kills all harmful microbes and helps to restore the balance.  I saw a difference in about 2 days!!! Pretty amazing stuff!!  I don’t intend on taking this again because I am going to stick to my natural food diet and avoid wheat/gluten.  I also will continue juicing ingredients that keep everything in check. 


  • Adding fresh raw garlic in your foods is essential for killing all this bad stuff and it tastes great too!  Garlic is anti-bacterial.  My son had an ear infection that 3 different antibiotics could not get rid of.  We dropped a mix of garlic and oil in his both ears for 3 days.  Gone!!! We were completely amazed as was the doctor that said his ears were all cleared up! 

These methods seem to be pretty awesome and I would love to hear what a doctor thinks about them.  They actually work and do not just cover your problem. 

Fix the imbalance!!!!!!!!!!!!


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