From Juicing4crohns to All preventative!!!

My original goal for juicing was to heal my body of Crohn’s and get off of all medication and I have accomplished that.  Why not stop the daily juicing habit then?

Just in the past few days I have heard of so many different individuals with various forms of cancer or disease that it really has inspired me to write this post.  With each story that I hear it only fuels my desire to juice fresh fruits, vegetable and herbs every day forward.  It has now become my preventative for other problems that come along the way and I’m not stopping!!. 

Here are the benefits of daily juicing that I have learned about so far that can actually prevent major deadly health problems years into the future. 

  • Juicing is a diuretic and cleanses your kidneys almost instantly.
  • Juicing cleanses the blood of toxins that lead to cancer
  • Juicing seeks out and destroys cancer cells as they begin to form
  • Juicing calms inflammation that leads to countless disease
  • Juicing regulates the blood sugar
  • Juicing cleanses your digestive system and boosts your immune system
  • Juicing gives you energy and reduces stress – having the energy to exercise
  • Juicing removes the urge to eat horrible food because your body just does not crave it.
  • Juicing neutralizes acid in your system that leads to disease
  • Juicing contains chlorophyll that destroys yeast, bacteria and parasites
  • Juicing cleanses your lymphatic system decreasing cancer risk
  • Juicing cleanses all major organs as it goes into your blood stream immediately

There are many more reasons, but if you think I am crazy please just take 10 minutes to google the benefits of juicing and you will see the above and many more on every site. 

It is the one easy habit to mix into your day that could prevent something very serious down the road.  If I would have known about this 10 years ago, I would not have had Crohn’s and this website would not exist. 


2 thoughts on “From Juicing4crohns to All preventative!!!

  1. Hi Nick I could not agree with you more, I have only been diagnosed with crohns about a month and a half ago. (I am 33 now) We as a family have a homeopath and only take meds in serious situations so naturally I am treating myself with diet, working closing with my homeopath and juicing. Thanks for the site and the constant updates they are much appreciated.


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