Progress: Positive changes!!

I am having such success with what I am doing that I just have to keep posting to the world so that someone at least tries what is obviously working for me.  I wanted this post to be an easy comparison to see the changes in only 3-4 days.  Once again, although I wish I was making money from all of this, I am not! I am just a poor elementary school teacher who doesn’t accept pills and surgery as the answer.

Eating Wheat/Gluten 1-2x per day -1 month = With daily non-specific juicing, probiotic

  • Stomach noises throughout the day
  • Feeling tired and foggy with headaches
  • extra bathroom breaks an hour or two after the first one
  • Floating stools, undigested food particles
  • Gas all day – horrible odor
  • Small amounts of mucus with stool =inflammation
  • Severe hemorrhoid flare up

Whole foods and 0 Wheat/Gluten = Daily specific juicing, Metagenics Supplements, probiotic

  • Stomach is calm and quiet
  • Feeling more alert and energetic with less headaches
  • Average of 1 morning bathroom break each day
  • Stools sink immediately – proper digestion and no fermentation
  • Gas is basically odorless – Big difference there!!
  • Stool is perfectly formed and water is perfectly clear – Big Difference!!
  • No sign of inflammation
  • Hemorrhoids have calmed somewhat

Specific juicing includes fruits, vegetables and herbs that work to kill harmful bacteria.  Non-specific juicing might be a juice containing all fruit ingredients and would foster overgrowth. 

My goal here is not to sell you products like other sites would do.  It is to show you that these things work and I am testing them on myself daily.  Please give it a try because the flora balance theory seems to be a pretty darn good one!!


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