Crohn’s Babe : Diet and Flora Control

How to make Kefir at home

I found this great blog and the author Tara Rosas has traveled down the very same path with Crohn’s Disease as I have.  She has also figured out a way to heal herself without the use of harmful prescription medication.  We have both healed ourselves in different ways, but there is one major commonality between our methods. 

My previous posts really go into depth about how the balance of good vs bad bacteria needs to be corrected in those with Crohn’s.  When you focus on this and eat a diet that kills harmful organisms or starves them, you see great results!!  My method for doing this is diet and Juicing!  Her method for doing this is Diet and homemade Kefir

We are both attacking harmful bacteria, yeast, fungi and parasites and it is truly working!!

Please take some time to visit her site above which has great information.  Many people are starting to figure out that pills and surgery are not the only answers. 



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