Progress: What I am doing is working!!

A short time ago, I was trying to add wheat back into my daily meals and threw my balance of flora off in the process.  I had a lot of gas, bloating and noises coming from the intestinal area.  I had to run to the bathroom more often in the middle of the day.  Stools would float due to the gas and fermentation of the food that would not digest correctly.  Also the gas itself was way over the top in odor.  haha! These are the facts:)

After I completely stopped eating wheat/gluten my symptoms got better, but I still could not bring my flora back to balance even with juicing and probiotics.  Here is what I did to see a complete turn around just a few days later:

  • Juicing daily- leafy greens, bell peppers, red cabbage, lemon, ginger, carrots, pear…
  • Added fresh raw garlic to my meals such as sauce or olive oil and garlic.
  • Started Metagenics Candibactin AR 1 pill 2x a day, Candibactin BR 2 pills 2x a day
  • Started a high dose probiotic Metagenics Ultra Flora 18 billion count.
  • Drinking ginger,cinnamon, green tea:  Grate fresh ginger into pot with cinnamon.  Just heat and not boil.  Add in the green tea bag and let the ginger sink to the bottom.  

All that I can say is this all works wonders.  The key to eliminating Crohn’s and its symptoms is to focus all of your efforts on your balance of flora.  It needs to be 80% good and 20% bad.  I would bet that everyone who has Crohn’s has this reversed.  The gas is now odorless and stools have normalized in just a few days.  

Look into doing this and really research on ways to kill only the harmful organisms and cultivate the healthy ones.  You will start to feel the difference!!!!

As always, please let me know if you have positive results:)  Those that are heavily out of balance might go through a detox phase where your body purges toxins quickly. This will pass and it is called the Herxheimer Reaction.



2 thoughts on “Progress: What I am doing is working!!

    • I eat all meals and extra snacks because my metabolism is really high. I add in the juicing like a vitamin at the same time every day. I do try to juice on an empty stomach so I get the full benefit into my blood stream. I wait 20 minutes and then eat like normal. If you are over weight than you can sub a meal or two with juice!!!:)


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