Progress: Anti-Candida/Parasite diet

I have officially been off of wheat/gluten for about 5 days now.  There are some definite notable changes!!! I do seem to have more energy with a less foggy mind.  There is significantly less gas and bloating.  If gas is passed, it is almost undetectable since stopping the wheat.  The same thing happens to me with dairy by the way and I have always avoided that. 

I purchased some freshly peeled garlic from Trader Joes for just about $2.00 and I am including that in meals.  I also have some left over mint capsules that also are known to be anti-bacterial.  Since I don’t eat gluten or bread, my sugar intake is almost zero and the candida/bacteria will just starve.  I start the real parasite cleanse on Monday with Oregano oil and probiotics!  I should not go through a detox period since I am relatively clean from juicing. 

As far as juicing goes I stocked up yesterday.  I have multi-color carrots, peppers, kale, spinach, pears, lemons, celery, cucumbers, cabbage, ginger, oranges.  Not all are for creating a balance, but here are a few. 

  • Carrots – Nourishing to the gi tract and anti-bacterial
  • Peppers – Anti-biotic and anti-parasite
  • Kale/Spinach – Candida and harmful bacteria hate chlorophyll
  • Lemons – The skin contains anti-bacterial properties!!
  • Cabbage – A yeast killing powerhouse
  • Ginger – All over destroyer of evil – haha

Now if you have 30 minutes, watch this video below.  I didn’t think I would watch more than 1 minute when I saw it was a drawing video.  It was so informative that I easily watched the whole thing and it made a ton of sense.  It is about what has happened behind the scenes since the 50’s to food and how big corporations have manipulated the public by designing foods that cause disease = Crohn’s!!


2 thoughts on “Progress: Anti-Candida/Parasite diet

  1. Thank you for sharing this video. I thought I was only going to watch the first couple of minutes but it was put together so well and very informative that I actually ended up watching the entire video. And I am so happy that I did.
    Doctor’s will deny or act like they don’t know anything about Candida overgrowth and just prescribe an antibiotic to treat the symptoms and in all reality, the antibiotic is killing the good bacteria that we need to fight off Candida and it is actually doing more harm then good.
    After going through this process with my doctor (actually several different doctors), my symptoms of fatigue, weight gain and brain fog kept bringing me back to the same question: “Are all of these symptoms related to Candida overgrowth?” And “Why can’t any of these doctors see the connection?”
    The video explains the process very very well. It’s time to take control of our own body’s again.


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