Crohn’s : Controlling the Imbalance!!

Controlling the imbalance of harmful bacteria seems to be a major component in my health in addition to juicing.  I firmly believe that this is one of the most important things that you should try to do.  I am doing all of this as we speak and I pick up my candida killing supplements on Monday. 

  • I do not eat processed foods, which is the cause of the imbalance in the first place.  If you eat enough of it and your system can’t keep the balance, then you develop autoimmune such as Crohn’s.  Get rid of it and eat whole foods that fight the imbalance!!


  • Eat and or drink foods that help to kill harmful bacteria such as Candida yeast and other parasites.  I will be eating foods containing fresh Garlic.  I will be cooking with coconut oil that poke holes in the candida to kill it.  I will be using olive oil that also helps to kill off harmful organisms.  I sometimes drink kombucha tea, which is a fermented drink that contains live probiotics.  I also will be drinking green tea that is anti-bacterial.  All of this will create an environment that is inhospitable.  I also will be avoiding bread and sugar because it feeds the harmful bacteria and yeast!


  • Supplements that I will be adding in starting on Monday when the order arrives will be Oregano oil, which literally destroys bacteria and candida.  I will be taking 2 forms of it – candibactin AR and BR.  I will be also taking a high dose probiotic that has some research behind it.  It is proven to attach itself to the intestinal walls. 


  • Finally, throughout this whole process I will be juicing.  Juicing is what keeps this balance for you in the long run after you have cleansed.  I have learned that you still need to keep to your diet as not to disturb this balance.  I will be juicing things like: carrots, cabbage, ginger, parsley, kale, cilantro, garlic… recipes to come!!


  • Popping pills is easy! Don’t be a pill popper.  Fix the imbalance and let me know if you feel the difference.  There is a die off period where you might feel sickly, but you need to power through that.  The dying organisms release small toxins that need to be flushed out = juicing!





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