***Learn from my mistakes!!!***

It has been quite a learning journey while creating this blog site.  It really has allowed me to change my thinking and theory at times.  In my last post, I stated that I was testing wheat products on my system.  I definitely felt the difference in how I felt and now I believe my trials have caused an imbalance in my gut like I thought it would. 

I am a bit angry about it, but instead of worry I am doing something about it right away.  I visited my Natural Dr.  and he confirmed my imbalance with my symptoms.  He said “Wheat is not at all what it used to be!”  “Once you are gluten sensitive, you are sensitive for life and eating it can trigger an imbalance in flora.”  I truly believe that wheat gluten, which is in everything is one of the major triggers to offset the balance of flora and allow Crohn’s to develop!

This is what I will be doing to correct this and get back on track!!!!

  • Eliminate all gluten products 100%
  • Taking Candibactin AR and BR for 1 month to kills candida and all other harmful flora.
  • Taking a high dose probiotic that has research to back it up 2x a day
  • Adding fresh garlic to meals
  • Cooking with coconut oil – candida killer!
  • Juicing to kill candida – Recipes to come!!

I have realized that you need more than juicing alone to fully get to the point that I was for 7 months.  You cannot play with your diet and you need to be very serious about it.  You need to kill all harmful bacteria first and most importantly – candida yeast!!

I will never stop juicing because once you kill off the harmful organisms and watch your diet, juicing keeps your body cleansed and strong!!

Stay tuned for more updates and recipes!!!





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