My Wheat Trials

I have been experimenting with wheat products over the past month or so.  I added one wheat item in per day and noted any possible changes.  I have found that there is a definite change in how I feel when wheat is consumed. 

I started with 2 slices of bread per day and did fine for about 2-3 days.  At around the 4th day I felt a bit less energetic and quite gassy by the evening.  I then stopped completely to note any changes and I had more energy with less gas at night. 

I then tried 3 graham crackers a day with pb-j on them and got the same gassy result.  I am now a bit worried that I may have messed up some of my progress because it is taking a while to get back on track. 

My theory is that the wheat that we consume today is very different from long ago and certain people are hyper-sensitive to both the gluten and whatever they spray on it these days.  It is known to be difficult to digest and to create inflammation!

My guess is that it also helps to create an imbalance of flora in the gut along with inflammation.  I decided to cut it out completely as I feel it might be one of the major starting points for IBS and Crohn’s. 

I might even have to get on a month of Oil of Oregano and GI sustain to clear out any possible damage that I have caused to flora, but now I might be getting paranoid. 


4 thoughts on “My Wheat Trials

  1. Did you eat organic wheat bread? I would be curious to know if your results would be different. I believe that GM food is causing a lot of the allergic reactions that people have these days. There were no GMOs when I was growing up, and there were no milk allergies, peanut allergies, soy allergies- that I heard of. Now food allergies are everywhere.


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