The Full Program Summary : DETOX Crohn’s

I thought the 4th of July would be a great day to start on a new path for many of you. It is time to break away from the same old cover up treatments and try a completely new method and way of life. Here are the steps to take to make it happen for you starting today!!

1. Switch from processed foods to natural(real) foods. Processed foods alter the flora and may be the root cause.

2. Drop Dairy and Wheat: Dairy is not easy to digest and irritates the mucous lining. Wheat/Carbs inflame the intestines and turn to sugar which is food for the yeast/bacteria. It makes them stronger!!!!!

3. Stick to purified water as your main liquid source. Tap water is not the best depending on your area. Definitely stay away from Soda!! That is the worst thing you could drink!!!

4. Now it is time to eat foods that kill bacteria. Certain foods specifically kill yeast and bacteria overgrowth: Garlic, Coconut oil, Oregano, Leafy greens-(juiced)

5. Going through a cleansing program like the Metagenics post I made previously. Totally clear out all harmful pathogens and yeast so that you can now begin the juicing and strong probiotic flush!!!

6. Eat and drink clean and add in the fresh juice daily without fail!!! The juice can now begin to heal and revitalize your damaged system without having to fight off all of that negative bacteria and yeast.

7. Monitor yourself and you decided if you feel you are making progress, but only if you stick to this every minute of the day.

**It is very hard to do all of this (I do it every day!) and it is super easy to just pop pills** You choose!


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