***Super Immune System Booster***


Here is a nice mix dedicated to strengthening your immune system.  This recipe has over 600% of natural vitamin C and about 140% vitamin A.  It also has about 1,500% vitamin K which is awesome for those with Crohn’s.  This recipe also contains 100% vitamin B and about 18 grams of natural protein.  After drinking this one yesterday I helped my neighbor lift his car to rotate his tires.  haha!  Well I felt pretty darn energized after consuming this one. 

In addition to the vitamins and protein each ingredient has additional benefits for your entire body:

  • Kale – Immunity, detox, anti-inflammatory
  • Oranges – Immunity, energy
  • Bell Pepper – Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, Anti-yeast
  • Fennel – Anti-gas and bloating
  • Celery – Acid neutralizer, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-cancer
  • Lemon – Acid neutralizer, Immunity, anti-inflammatory
  • Ginger – A super food = everything you can think of!!!

I am a teacher of 9 years and one day my class got a highly contagious stomach bug.  I had 7 students out by the end of this school day.  I got the hot and cold flashes that day and ran home to make a mix like this.  Nothing progressed from there and I woke up feeling awesome!! Give this one a try and here is a link where you can plug in your ingredients to check the nutrition percentages.  http://juicerecipes.com/build/




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