***Amazing Information for Crohn’s Healing!!***


I came across this site on a you-tube search for juicing recipes.  It is literally gold for IBD sufferers and if you click the link below it will take you to this site.  https://www.myosiaffiliate.com/ltygshoppe/redir.php?oid=1041_1

The founder of this site is Jini Patel Thompson and is a former Crohn’s Disease sufferer.  She like me, was just fed up with the medical approach to treating the symptoms and she set out to heal the underlying causes.  She believes very much the same thing that I believe about approaching Crohn’s

  • Rest your digestive system – juice fast or liquid diet
  • Cleanse your gi tract and kill candida/harmful bacteria
  • Repopulate the gi tract with good bacteria and juicing to fortify your body!!

She has developed a system that works and she is Crohn’s free today!  Take a minute to check out the link above. There is free information and many products that you can purchase to try after you have read about them. 



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