What I did “FIRST” to end Crohn’s/symtoms


***First let me start by saying that I do not work for this company or make a single dime from sharing this information with you.***  This is simply what I did a month before I started juicing every day. 

I was first introduced to this product line by a doctor of a student that was in my 3rd grade class back in December 2013.  I did not pay for any visits to him during this time.  I only purchased these products one time with a teacher’s discount for a solid month. 

This is what I took daily for one month and what it was designed to do right before I decided to start juicing:

Link:  http://www.metagenics.com/products/health-categories/gastrointestinal-health

  • GI Sustain:  Supports microbe balance, flushes toxins, encourages healing of the lining, provides prebiotics for strong flora.
  • Candibactin AR:  To kill candida overgrowth or any other bad bacteria/fungus in the gi tract.
  • Candibactin BR:  Detoxifier and intestinal balance of flora. 
  • Azeo pangen:  Enzyme complex that encourages health digestion. 
  • Ultra Flora Blance: One of the few probiotics with statistics to back it up. 

These products made me feel great and it was a coincidence that I found the idea of juicing just at the very end of taking them.  This doctor was not in it for the money.  He was helping me as a favor for teaching his child.  He was trying to treat the cause of my symptoms and not trying to treat just the symptoms alone.  I weaned down off of my prescription drugs as I monitored my progress.  Going to the bathroom 1 time per day.  Nothing strange or foreign to be seen in the toilet daily.  A big decrease of gastrointestinal sounds and cramping. 

As I next began juicing daily, it made a lot of sense what he had been saying.  He said that “you can’t plant a healthy garden on land that is infested with weeds”.  ‘You need to get rid of the weeds and then strengthen the soil to plant the seeds”.  I took these products to clear out all of the imbalance so that the probiotic could truly take effect.  These products allowed juicing to truly transform my gi tract to a healthy strong environment.  When your gi environment is clear and strong = your immune system runs like it should!!!

I hope you really think about all of this because it is the only thing that finally worked.  I keep juicing for health each and every day and I will never listen to a doctor who says what we eat and put into our bodies has no consequence.

I do plan on going back to him and doing the gi sustain 1x per year for a cleansing reset in addition to juicing to keep things running perfectly.  If you really sit back and think about all of this, it makes sense.  Clear out the years of damage and imbalance, strengthen the system, flood the system with vitamins, healthy bacteria, enzymes and phytonutrients.  Crohn’s is then stopped in its tracks!!!




6 thoughts on “What I did “FIRST” to end Crohn’s/symtoms

    • Oh it totally is! My theory and this doctor agrees is, the food creates the imbalance along with antibiotics. Once your system is way out of balance it is very difficult to get it back. This is why people that have that fecal transplant are doing so well because it is extreme repopulation of gut flora:):):)


  1. My wife has recently been diagnosed with Colitis/Crohns. I am interested in getting these to see if they will help her. I am assuming that her GI doctor might not prefer her to go this route. Any recommendations?


    • They will not go that route and they don’t know much about it. I am actually suffering from an imbalance right now due to my experimenting with wheat. I will be taking candibactin ar and br along with a strong probiotic to correct what I have done to myself…still continuing to juice though.


  2. I am reaching out to a naturopathic nutritionist today for my wife, and myself. The GI doc wants to put her on Remicade. We will likely start with it, but I want her off as soon as possible. I appreciate your help. I may have more questions as we journey down this path!


    • Definitely seek the help from the naturopathic doc! If they start talking killing off candida and bacteria and healing the bowel…stick with them!!! There is a major link between the imbalance/immune system and crohns. Remicade will work but it will not permanently fix the underlying problem like the naturopathic doctor will try to do. Best of luck to you both 🙂 🙂


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