***Crohn’s Healing Juice***


When I created this recipe combo I was thinking 100% about the health benefits.  To my surprise, it actually was one of the best tasting juices I have made so far!  Here is what is in this one:

  • 10oz of coconut water – Ultimate Hydration
  • 2 beets peeled – Blood cleanser/purifier
  • 2 beet greens/stems – More nutrition than the actual beet!!!
  • 1/2 bunch cilantro – Heavy metal detox, blood detox, anti- inflammatory
  • 1/2 bunch parsley – Anti-inflammatory, detox, anti-parasitic
  • 2-3 Kale leaves – Super food!  Anti-inflammatory, immunity
  • 2 pears – Sweet base, Anti-inflammatory
  • 1 whole lemon with skin – Flavor cover, Anti-inflammatory, Alkalize
  • 1 inch ginger – Mega Anti-inflammatory and everything else!!!!

As you can see this mix is full of powerful ingredients to help fight Crohn’s, IBS, Colitis and everything else for that matter. It also provides a burst of energy as well.  This mix is a Crohn’s healer because it contains ingredients that fight overgrowth of bacteria.  It contains ingredients that neutralize acid. It also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients.  This mix has phytonutrients and vitamins that heal the lining of you intestine and encourage healthy function. 

If you are tired of the same old medicine route that simply covers your problems, then it is time to try something that actually heals the problem and the symptoms simply vanish. 

I am going on 8 months free from Pentasa and all prescription drugs. 

I have not missed a single day of juicing since January 11th. 



4 thoughts on “***Crohn’s Healing Juice***

  1. Dear Nicholas
    I am really enjoying your juice recopies and making them on daily basis. I was wondering if you have any recommendations for food as well?
    Keep up the good work, your really are helpi9ng many many people to cure or manage the disease.
    Many thanks


    • Thank you Nasser! I really want to help others any way than I can. Food is a tricky topic because it is just so different for each individual person. Things that I eat a lot of to also aid in healing and detoxing: Garlic, olive oil, coconut oil, Kombucha tea, green tea. I stay away from dairy, fried food, processed foods, and I limit the gluten items to 1 per day. I also try to stay away from really fatty meats. I also just learned that avocados do not like me:( There are still foods that do not agree with my system and that I am sensitive to. That is a family genetic thing that we all deal with unfortunately.


  2. I never thought to put coconut water with my juices. I just tried this juice recipe today. I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty it was. Since I had all the ingredients, I made it again tonight. Thanks for widening my horizons.


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