The right amount of fiber for Crohn’s


Fiber intake is a tricky decision when it comes to Crohn’s or IBS.  Doctors tell you to get between 30-35+ grams of fiber a day, but that is for someone with no digestive issues.  Fiber helps to move things along faster to clear out your body.  If you have a digestive disorder, your body is already acting like it has taken in 30+ grams of fiber naturally.  When you add more fiber to this, you get to basically live in the bathroom. 

I basically avoid almost all fiber and take the supplement above Metamucil.  It contains both soluble and insoluble fiber and is great for diarrhea or constipation.  If you have IBS-D / Crohn’s, this supplement bulks stool together for a healthier morning trip to the restroom.  If you have IBS-C for constipation, it adds some water to soften things up.  It is the perfect balance of fiber for those who have problems with fruit/vegetable fiber. 

Since most with Crohn’s or IBS-D cannot eat excess fruit/vegetables, juicing is the perfect way to get the nutrition without the fiber.  The juicer takes out almost all of the fiber and leaves you with all the goodness that you are missing when you avoid these foods.  As I have said before, you would never be able to eat all that you juice.  If you made a smoothie, it might be just too much fiber for your system to handle. 

Quick tip on fiber for those with Crohn’s/Colitis or IBS-D:  Look for food that contains soluble fiber instead of insoluble.  The soluble is able to dissolve, absorb and become a gel.  The insoluble stays in its’ original form all the way through and can be irritating. 



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