Asacol HD replaced with pure juicing!!! :)


This poor bottle of Asacol HD was not fully used.  This bottle is from when Pentasa just didn’t see to be doing its’ job about 7+ months ago.  It has been sitting in the cabinet waiting to be used, but sadly it has now made its way into the trash. About 7 months ago I became aware that the food I was eating was destroying my flora balance and I changed.  I also became aware of juicing at this time and created recipes that were detoxing, anti-inflammatory, rebuilding and healing.  The juicing became my new medicine and continues to be.  I feel bad that I did not figure this out sooner and that I spent $40.00 on this bottle. 

Farewell Asacol HD!  You are a Band-Aid drug and you know it. 



4 thoughts on “Asacol HD replaced with pure juicing!!! :)

    • It means that it does not actually solve the problem. It just covers it up like a Band-Aid. Unless you change what is causing the problem (food/drink) you will use the bandaid drug forever. These drugs only cover the lining of the intestine with medicine that decreases inflammation – like a Band-Aid. They don’t treat the cause.


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