To be, or not to be Gluten Free?


I have been gluten free for quite a few months now and I decided to try and add one peanut butter and jelly sandwich on regular potato bread to my daily diet to see what would happen.  The results were interesting and really match up with a gluten sensitivity problem.  Although I am bummed that I cannot process gluten foods very well, I think it is for the best to just stay away. 

Here are some symptoms of gluten intolerance that I noticed shortly after included it back into my diet

  • Lack of energy – very tired shortly after eating it.
  • Cloudy foggy mornings
  • Excessive gas and stomach rumbling as it gets digested or not digested
  • Stomach noises in the evening
  • Foul trips to the bathroom

Now when I completely avoid gluten products, I have way more energy and I am more alert.  My stomach is very calm and the trips to the bathroom do not peel the paint off of the walls.  haha

I think if you have Crohn’s or IBS it is important to go gluten free.  This bread also turns to sugar and then feeds bad bacteria and can lead to overgrowth. 

I am interested to see if others out there have had the same symptoms when they add or delete gluten from their diet.  Post a comment if you wish and share.  Thank you!!


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