The BASIC 3 to eliminate CROHN’s


So what are the Basic 3?

  • Eliminate Processed Foods:   Processed foods are loaded with odd chemicals, preservatives and pesticides that we really know very little about.  We don’t really know how they interact with our gut flora.  Here is the key of it all.  I believe that there are some or multiple ingredients in this food that severely disrupt your gut flora sending it spinning out of control.  When your flora is disrupted, your immune system goes out of control and on the attack.  It begins to attack everything and then causes the inflammation you experience with Crohn’s Disease.  You can take all of the probiotics you like to get it back on track, but if you still eat this food your progress goes nowhere!!  To stop the endless cycle and give your flora a break, stop eating processed food!!!


  • Eliminate Inflammation:  Inflammation is now the result of this chemically created processed food.  This inflammation causes all of those nasty crohn’s symtoms like bleeding, ulcerations, mucous, ect..  Once you have fully given up on the processed foods now it is time to learn how to consume foods that will heal and build good bacteria.  Some examples are to include turmeric, ginger, olive oil, coconut oil and other anti-inflammatory fighting foods into your diet.  Search anti-inflammatory diet!


  • Detoxify/Alkalize your body: Now it is time to add the final healing phase.  This is where juicing comes in to bring your body truly back to balance.  The last step of the basic 3 is to detox all harmful bacteria and to alkalize any acid in your system.  Juicing does a wonderful job for both of these.  If you want this process to go rather quickly, you will need to include green juices into your daily juicing routine.  These juices neutralize acid and destroy harmful bacteria the fastest!!


It is not easy to do all of this and it does not happen over night.  If you truly want all of this to end, then you have to be committed and strong willed.  Good luck and try some of the recipe ideas below this post as they are great for Crohn’s symptoms. 


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