Juicing4crohns : Not approved by the FDA


Do you ever notice the words “not approved by the FDA” on labels for natural items?”  Why is it that the FOOD and DRUG Administration only approves anything drug related and not natural food based products? When you ask a doctor about juicing or a natural remedy they say “I could not find any studies on that to say it would be effective for your medical problem”.  There are no studies because natural remedies such as juicing or taking herbs DO NOT MAKE MONEY!! 

They choose not to study these natural ways because they know it will work for a potential cure.  When people are cured, they don’t need to come and see the doctor or purchase expensive medicine from the big Pharm companies. 

Juicing works! It is not a fad, but a new life style away from disease, symptoms, trips to the doctor and medication.  Stop thinking the FDA way.  Don’t even get me started on how well they regulate the food you eat daily!! Stop believing that there is no way out, but through large doses of medication.  Take back your health and keep the money in YOUR pocket. 

Do something different and commit to this free challenge for 30 days and send me a message after you feel awesome and are potential pill free.  Thank you!


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