Crohn’s : Not a life sentence!!


There are two types of people out there who have Crohn’s.  Those that believe it can be cured and will stop at nothing to find a way and those that think medicine is the only answer.  I once believed that there was no way to reverse all of the damage. I believed that for a good 4 years!  After starting juicing and reading up on it, my view has changed completely.  I have always tried to find a way to heal even before juicing.  I would not accept that drugs were the only answer.  The doctors will tell you and even brainwash you into thinking that food does not play a role in the development of Crohn’s.  “Just take your medicine”, they say.  Simply put, they make money for pushing certain medications and food is the root cause!

Do this for yourself for a full 30 days and you too will understand my thinking and feel great results:

  • Drop processed food completely!!!!
  • Take a great probiotic
  • Juice 1x a day about 24oz for 30 days = (Green juices are the best)
  • Take a great vitamin
  • Switch to bottled water only

These are the changes that I made and it has made a world of difference!! After doing all of this for a month or so, I slowly dropped the medicine until I was completely free of it!  I am now going on 6 months free of all medicines. 

Let me know if any of this works for you and I will do a feature story on your personal success. 



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