Juicing : Liver and Kidney Flush


One of the greatest benefits of drinking fresh juice is that it helps to flush out toxins of your liver and kidneys within just a few minutes.  Your liver is the filter for your entire body.  Anything that you eat or drink that is toxic goes through it and is sometimes stored.  If you eat a high fat diet and are overweight, your liver can become fatty.  Your kidneys help to cleanse liquids that you ingest from toxins as well. 

Most every juice that I have ever made has caused me to rush of to the bathroom for a #1 within an hour of drinking it.  This is because juicing is a diuretic.  Juice flushes out your kidneys and cleanses your liver each time that you take it in.

So what fruits, veggies and herbs help to do this the best???

  • Greens – parsley, cilantro, dandelion greens
  • Beets – (blood cleanser too)
  • Lemon, lime
  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Watermelon
  • Ginger

Using some or all of these daily can really cleanse the liver and the blood.  If you purify these two things, you will certainly feel fantastic all over.  The blood travels everywhere in your body.  If you cleanse it and build its strength, you will feel amazing.  If you liver is rebooted and free from all toxins, then you will also feel awesome results.  Here is one recipe that you can try out.  Always aim to add one of these daily into your juice.  I add ginger and a green item to every juice I make. 

Liver/Kidney Renewal Juice                                  Blood Cleanse Juice

  1. 1 Apple                                                              1.  2 Beets
  2. 1 Pear                                                                2.  1 Apple
  3. 2-3 Kale                                                             3.  2-3 kale
  4. 1/2 bunch Parsley                                              4. 1 Lemon
  5. 1 Lemon -whole                                                 5.  1 inch Ginger
  6. 1 inch Ginger






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