Life of Medicine VS Juicing


Many people have made the comment “you must spend a ton of $$$ juicing fruits, veggies and herbs”.  I do spend a good amount per week, but I come from a background of taking pills for 5 years and that cost was greater.  Let’s take a look at what the monthly bill was for drugs:

  • Pentasa x8 per day = $40.00
  • Endocort x3 per day = $12.00
  • IBS med x2 per day = $12.00
  • IBS night time med x2 per day = $12.00
  • Pentasa Suppositories x1 per day = $40.00
  • Doctor at least 1x per month = $30-$70 copay

Total monthly was about $150.00 and I still did not feel much better.  This works out to be about 9,000 over a 5 year period of time.  This is just an estimate and some months I did spend less and some more. 

Now on to the juicing side of things.  I am saving money on not buying any medication or going to the doctor.  My juicer cost me $149 one time.  Here would be my weekly list for juicing supplies:  Mostly organic at Trader Joes!!

  • 3 bags Kale:  2.29 each
  • 2 cucumbers:  2.00 each
  • 2 bags spinach 1.99 each
  • 3 bags carrots 89 cents each
  • 1 package fennel 2.49
  • 1 bag lemons 1.99
  • 1 bag apples 2.49
  • green peppers 2.99
  • tomatoes 3.99
  • ginger 3.00
  • 1 bag of pears 2.49

This all comes out to around 35 dollars each week depending on deals.  I also feel energized doing it this way and I feel good about not putting poison into my body constantly.  I think the choice is clear. 

I keep reading the same article on the internet that doctors are not trained what so ever in nutrition.  They are trained to diagnose symptoms and give you pills.  They are not here to fully heal you.  Sometimes you have to go out on your own and make it happen for yourself!


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