Treat / Heal Everything


Why are so many people turning to juicing? The reason is that they are sick and tired of not feeling well.  They are annoyed about taking medications that don’t fully work and give them terrible side-effects. They are tired of taking medications to treat the side effects of other medications – Just Crazy!!  What ever your motivation, weight loss, crohn’s, MS, energy, high cholesterol, ect… This is natural and it actually works!!!

I have noticed that many have asked me for recipes for specific health conditions and when I look all of these up, many have multiple ingredients that treat everything.  This leads me to suggest that if you juice 1x daily and include 1-2 fruits, veggies and herbs you just might experience overall wellness!! 

While treating myself for Crohn’s I also treated myself for seasonal allergies without knowing.  I also cleansed my liver and increased energy levels.  I would imagine there were other benefits that I could not see or other future health problems that might have been avoided. 

I think the point is, what ever your motivation, you will be on the path to overall wellness.  Stop treating symptoms with piles of drugs and start rebooting your entire system with natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics and prebiotics. 

If you are tired of going to the pharmacy every other week like I was, start to think differently and start investing your money in health.  So far there are no miracle drugs that I have seen because they do not make money when you get well. 

Do yourself a favor and go on youtube to see all the people who have the same understanding that I do.




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