My Struggle with Food Choices


Food has always been a struggle for me during my 5 years of Crohn’s and figuring out what works and what hurts has been a battle.  I think it is even harder these days because I have so many restrictions and I am honestly afraid to step off the path and try new things.  I always worry, “well maybe it was the gluten that started it all” or “maybe it was some weird chemical in processed food”.   This is such a mind battle and I don’t want to go back to those problems again or stir up the symptoms.  I actually am afraid of food at times to the point of anxiety, “should I eat it and what is going to happen”? I get a little anxiety after I eat it, worrying what the result might be.  “Am I ruining all of my progress”? All of this has caused a drop in weight due to low calorie consumption and now that poses another challenge for me.  What can I eat to get the weight back up without killing my system?

I think having the juice in there daily to help cleanse and keep the balance provides piece of mind.  I am also looking to add a shake recipe that would be safe and provide a lot of calories.  I have yet to find a shake that is dairy, gluten free and low fiber with high calorie 500+.  If you know of a brand or have created a shake recipe of your own, please post and let us all know.  Thank you!!



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