Crohn’s : The Vicious Cycle

One reason that many people cannot heal from Crohn’s is that they only avoid trigger foods that cause flare up symptoms.  It is important to identify these using a food diary and everyone is different.  Eliminating trigger foods is only part of the solution.  I did this for many years before becoming “aware” of other ingredients other than dairy or wheat.  These other ingredients are ones that you see in everything and some that you cannot even pronounce.  As you avoid your trigger foods, you are still consuming harmful chemicals that may be the one thing that started it all!  These chemicals disturb the balance of flora and I believe that medical science will one day identify the offending chemicals that disturb the immune system causing auto-immune disease.  

Below are ingredients that my family and I personally avoid and some real health ailments that they cause.  

  • Hydrogenated Oils  = Trans fats, weight gain
  • White (Bleached) Flour = It is actually bleached white!! Also turns to acid in the body
  • High Fructose Corn syrup = Disturbs hormone levels, weight gain, turns to acid when digested
  • Diet anything = Actually tricks your body into craving more sugar – (Aspertame)
  • Sodium Benzoate And Potassium Benzoate = Known Carcinogen
  • BHT/BHA = A cancer causing preservative
  • Sodium Nitrate = Colon Cancer!!!
  • Red 40, Blue 1, = Brain, thyroid cancer, ADHD
  • MSG = Chemically makes your brain think the food tastes better

If you do not believe this, by all means do a quick search.  You will be emptying your food cabinets soon enough as you too become “aware” because these are in EVERYTHING!!  Start becoming a label reader and get this stuff out of your diet.  Pair that with juicing and you are on your way to healing and becoming medicine free!


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