Juicing4crohns : Begin the right way!


Although the fastest way to healing Crohn’s is through green juices, it is best not to just jump right in at the very start.  Your pallet needs to be trained to truly appreciate a green juice.  The last thing you want to do is get turned off right away because it tastes too different from what you are used to. 

The key is to start off with 1-3 ingredients that taste great.  I suggest to many people who start out to try apple/orange or apple/pear for a few days.  Next, try adding in a cucumber or celery into the mix.  These two ingredients provide a lot of water and are mild tasting.  The first green ingredient that you should add is spinach because it is also on the bland side of taste.  A good starter green recipe would be apple, cucumber, spinach. 

When you are tired of these combinations and want to juice for the health more than for the taste, it is time for the ultimate healer (green juice)!  Although there are ways to sweeten green juice and make it taste awesome, remember it is for health first and taste second. 

Here is my first green juice recipe for healing :

  • Apple         = Sweet
  • Cucumber  = Hydration
  • Lemon       = Detox
  • Kale           = Inflammation/Detox
  • Cilantro      = Inflammation/Detox
  • Ginger       = Inflammation/Everything!!

These days I always make my drinks based off of health benefits and never taste!


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