Juicing = Health for you and a paycut for them!!


The Problem :

One day in the distant future, doctors will finally catch on about how our western diet has caused many of our chronic health problems. If fact, they probably know this already because they are smart, but they also know that this knowledge will not make them money.  The drug companies definitely know about this!  This food to disease link seems so obvious to me.  When you eat food it physically touches the walls of your intestines and gets absorbed. If it contains bad ingredients in it, it will harm your body.  Over time, if you eat this same harmful food, you will develop chronic disease.  I am not a doctor and I think this is pretty easy to understand. 

When you look at countries like India and China, you see a sharp decrease in Crohn’s Disease and other chronic illness.  The reason is that they eat a completely different diet than we do.  How can this be? They are human just like us and live on Earth.  They eat real food and not processed chemical infused food.  In the previous post, it stated that in Japan Crohn’s Disease is rising because of the influence of western foods(processed/fast foods). 

This food that contains a paragraph of ingredients is the cause of autoimmune disease.  Yes, I said it!  You consume this food on a daily basis, it turns to acid, the chemicals disturb your gut flora and create an imbalance.  The immune system depends on this delicate balance and starts to attack everything. The vicious cycle of inflammation starts to occur and you take massive amounts of pills to suppress it.  You continue to eat the food that harms the balance of flora and the cycle continues until you have surgery. 

Healing/Reversal :

When I found out about all the crazy food ingredients to avoid and eliminated them from my diet completely, I stopped the attack on my gut flora.  I began to juice the very fruits and veggies that I was avoiding and flooded my body with enzymes, vitamins, prebiotics and probiotics.  The harmful bacteria was flushed out and the good bacteria replaced it.  My symptoms vanished and I felt amazing in just a few days without medicine.  My body is now able to heal itself!  It is designed to do that.  The next time your doctor says “food has nothing to do with it, just take your medication”.  Walk out, because that doctor is not doing the research and not taking the time to figure out why his patients are suffering. 




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