Crohn’s Disease = An Acidic Body


I learned not too long ago that almost all of the food that I was eating actually turns to acid when digested in the body.  Many of these foods were suggested by my doctor as “safe foods”.  Many of these doctors just don’t do the research or do not want to look into it as deeply as someone with the disease would do!  I have heard many people online in forums state that their doctors have said “diet has nothing to do with it”, “just take your medicine!” They don’t know the cause because they are not looking.  They are only treating your symptoms. 

The cause is the food! The chemicals, preservatives, GMO’s, pesticides and unknown ingredients are the problem, but nobody wants to say it.  Aside from all of these additives, there are foods that turn to acid in your system and make your symptoms worse.  Here are food ingredients that I avoid so that my body remains more Alkaline:

  • White Sugar, Corn Syrup (anything high in sugar)
  • White flour
  • Red meats
  • Milk/Dairy
  • Cheese
  • Fast food!!!!
  • Beer, wine and alcohol  – I know that’s a tough one!
  • Coffee

There are many charts that you can look up to see if what you eat is a mostly acidic diet.  If you are eating this way, it is only irritating your Crohn’s even further.  When I juice 24oz daily, I am neutralizing all acid in my system and creating a calm relaxed environment in there.  Alkaline = Healing   Acid = Sickness/Disease






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