Juicing for Crohn’s Disease = My CURE


Everyone keeps searching, walking, fund raising and praying or a cure.  For me, the cure is not going to come from medicine or some medical breakthrough.  The cure has been here this whole time and a sequence of events has lead me to it.  The picture above symbolizes all people who are connected by this disease and the individuals such as myself, who have “figured it out”.  By figure it out, I mean to think differently and not to believe the brainwashing of these doctors who only stand to profit from you.  They make you believe that this is a life sentence.  Once you get it, that’s it, you can never heal yourself.  Today I say that they are wrong! I am 100% crohn’s free and I did not use medicine or surgery to get there.  How is it possible that I stopped all medication 4 months ago and have had drastic improvements without anti-inflammatory pills?? The answer is growing all around you.  The fruits, vegetables and herbs are the medicine to reverse and heal.  This is how I found my cure and you need to have a very strong will and mind to make it happen.  This is exactly what I did:

  1. Change your diet completely.  No processed foods at all, only real natural foods = You need excellent will power to do this.
  2. See a natural doctor who will help you flush your system and kill bad bacteria without antibiotics!
  3. Begin to juice 16+oz a day with greens included – Never miss a single day for 90 days.  Continue forever!!
  4. Get your mind in it and research about what these juiced fruits, veggies and herbs are doing for you!
  5. Learn about how the processed foods/chemicals/preservatives lead you to Crohn’s in the first place.

You have a decision to make.  Do you want to let doctors tell you that there is no way out and do the same old thing until eventual surgery, or do you want to take hold of your own health and make the changes to finally get well!!! Get started….:)

**Coming off of medicine was my own decision based on my personal results.  Each individual needs to make their own decision based on their own progress**



2 thoughts on “Juicing for Crohn’s Disease = My CURE

    • Thank you Dominique, I needed to pour out everything that I have learned and share with others so that maybe something could help. I still have more to learn and more people to help. I hope you are well:)


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