Thinking back : Your diet before diagnosis


Question: What were you eating before diagnosis??? Please leave a comment below, I’m curious:)

Since I have discussed the possible reversal or cure for crohn’s disease, It is time to talk about the causes.  This is a post to self reflect and remember what types of foods you and I ate before diagnosis.  Doctors say they have no idea what the causes are and yet in America, we have the largest population of individuals with crohn’s than anywhere in the world. We also have the largest consumption of processed or fast foods in the world as well. 

Before I was diagnosed at age 31, I was eating many processed foods and just a few fast food items.  I didn’t know that high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, dyes, BHT/BHA, saccharine, aspartame and large amounts of sugar were leading me down the path to digestive imbalance.  If you add a few healthy doses of antibiotics for being sick often, then you begin to destroy the balance in your gut of good vs bad bacteria.  I also did not even know what a probiotic even was!  

The balance of bacteria is the driving force of your immune system.  So what happens when your bacteria goes way off balance?  Your immune system goes haywire and starts attacking the body = Crohn’s Disease!! You can’t tell me that the doctors can’t figure out this sequence.  It really makes me angry that they don’t want to see this relationship.  It is all about money and drugs when it really comes down to it.  Next, they prescribe drugs that decrease the immune response and cause horrible side effects ~great idea!

Watch this video part 1 and 2, get a large garbage bag and go through your cabinets.  I filled 3 bags worth!!! Start reading labels and be careful of the additives in the food you select. ,

So what were your really eating before?? I bet there is some type of additive responsible for crohn’s disease development in individuals who are more sensitive.  I am certain of it!!

5 simple steps to healing Crohn’s

  1. Reflect and think back
  2. If you are still eating the foods that are in the video – get your garbage bags ready
  3. Begin to buy real foods
  4. Start juicing 16oz a day or more
  5. Begin to heal

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