Farewell Pentasa!!!!


Today marks my 3 month anniversary for being Crohn’s free without the use of Pentasa!!!! I took 8 pills a day in addition to others and it worked for a little while.  It has little pearls in it that break open at just the right time to soothe the inflammation like a cream for a rash.  However, it does not help whatever is causing the inflammation in the first place (imbalance in bacteria that offsets the immune response). 

I now juice fruits, vegetables and herbs that not only do a better job at decreasing inflammation, they stop any inflammation from even starting!! I also do not eat any processed foods, which I believe to be the root cause of the endless cycle.  Some are just more sensitive than others and develop Crohn’s or Colitis unfortunately. 

So today I bit you farewell Pentasa as I place you into the trash!! I’m off to make a juice!!



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