Over the years: Lessons Learned

I always wish that I could go back 5 years ago and tell myself that the very food that I was avoiding could have healed me.  It was right in front of my face that whole time.  I was told to watch my fiber intake and I avoided fruits/veggies like the plague.  It is true that the fiber can aggravate Crohn’s/IBS.  I also wonder why one day the idea of juicing these foods just came to me out of nowhere.  Just at this time, there was a 20 day juice challenge as well.  This led me to health, the decrease in medicine and then led me to create this blog to share with others who have not gotten “the idea” yet.  The mind and body are truly amazing things and they have the power to heal themselves.  We rely so much on drugs to help and they sometimes do more harm than good. 

What have I learned about Crohn’s / IBS:

  • The food we eat causes the imbalance of bacteria
  • The imbalance of bacteria is related to the immune response
  • Crohn’s is related to an overactive immune response
  • The bad bacteria takes over and an endless cycle begins
  • Crohn’s is a growing problem in the processed food world
  • Juicing takes the fiber out and leaves enzymes that those with Crohn’s have lost
  • Juicing replaces vitamins that have been lost
  • Juicing restores the good bacteria and cleanses out the bad
  • Juicing rebuilds the lining of the intestine and helps the body to then absorb nutrients. 
  • Juicing is natural medicine

*** I could go on and on… I have learned a lot, so much more to go!!***


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