Gorilla Milk (energy) with video included!!

This will be the first drink of my personal 30 day green juice challenge.  This recipe is so unique that I just have to try it and share it to you.  I am making an easier version than on the video link below.  Here are the ingredients to make this explosive energy drink:

  • Almond milk, Coconut Water and Cinnamon mixed in a blender
  • In the juicer: Apple, Cucumber, Celery, Cilantro, Parsley and Kale
  • Next mix 50% almond milk mixture with the juice mixture and stir.

The man on the left in this video is Lou Corona who was dying at age 21.  He is now in his 60’s, believe it or not and has not been sick or has seen a doctor in over 42 years.  He drinks this mixture and juices very often.  The man to the right is Dan McDonald who is super knowledgeable about all things juice/diet.  Look them up on youtube for some great information and recipes. 




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