***Green Juice Week***

Each week I like to choose juice recipes based on certain health conditions or symptoms that I want to target.  I do this through the app that I suggested in a earlier post.  This week is going to be green juice week!! (Sunday to Sunday)! Green juice is the most beneficial mixture that you can drink for any health ailment, especially gastrointestinal disorders.  I will be posting some of the recipes that I create each day in the comment section.  I welcome you do to the same and if you would like to join in, leave a comment below along with some juice ideas to keep it interesting.  Also, if you feel any positive changes within just a week, let us all know!!!http://www.greenjuiceaday.com/30-green-juice-recipes/ = Great link to get started!



2 thoughts on “***Green Juice Week***

  1. Here is what I am purchasing for the green juice week. Juicing 1x a day at about 12-16oz. pears, fennel, parsley, apple, cilantro, lemons, celery, spinach, cucumber, kale, mint, pineapple, romaine, oranges, bell pepper, dill, ginger, zucchini.


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