Digestive Enzymes and Crohn’s Disease

I have been juicing since January 11th and have been flooding my system with digestive enzymes, probiotics/prebiotics and the goodness of the juice.  I don’t consider myself one who has Crohn’s Disease any longer.  I say I “had” Crohn’s for 5 years and now I have defeated it and I will continue to destroy any possible signs of it through juicing and diet! People say that this is remission, but I am in this remission without the help of any medication.  I am healing and not covering it up!! I am now convinced that the doctors are there to keep you just healthy enough through medications and the future is dark this way.  

When you have Crohn’s the villi or hairlike structures that line your intestines become flattened.  This makes it impossible to absorb food and digest.  It basically goes directly through you!  Juicing provides life to this villi and allows it to absorb nutrients.  The digestive enzymes within the juice help to break down the food you eat and help to fuel the body.  This process of juicing is rebooting the body as Joe Cross would tell you.  Your body gets the chance to get the fuel it needs and begins to remember how to heal.  

Now if you continue to eat processed foods, chemicals, fast food and other garbage, you will be right back where you started again.  It is a life change and you have to want it.  This is what I am doing and it is working!!! Jump on the juice train and get off of the same old trip of prescriptions, doctors and eventual surgery.  

Don’t ever believe that this is a life sentence.  Make the changes and feel the benefits!!


3 thoughts on “Digestive Enzymes and Crohn’s Disease

    • I also go for low fiber, but now I have learned to eat less white products. If you look up white flour based products, they turn to acid in the body and can cause problems for some people. Everyone is different. I eat brown rice products instead of white (brown rice and brown rice pasta). I try to eat whole foods instead of something with a large list of ingredients. The more natural the better and the more alkaline the better. Find an alkaline food chart and you will notice that all alkaline foods are the ones that are juiced!! Alkaline neutralizes the acid in the system:):)


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