We are doing it all wrong!!!


I know this is a strange subject to discuss, but here in America we have got it all wrong.  This is also a vital component for someone who has any IBD or IBS in addition to the juicing therapy.  I can tell you from personal experience that this change to using the Squatty Potty has been what I like to call, “life changing”

So what does this interesting contraption do? By simply bringing your knees up to about chest level, (as seen on the graphic above) you change the angle of your colon.  Basically it straightens out so that there is no kink or bend making it extremely easy to use the restroom.  Also, by changing your body angle it releases a muscle that is strangling the colon so you remain continent.  When you change this angle, that muscle relaxes allowing for a more proper elimination.  

These are the benefits that I have noted:

  • Much quicker time in the bathroom!
  • Almost no pain if you have hemorrhoids or fissures
  • No feeling that you need to run back into the bathroom an hour later!!
  • Decrease in hemorrhoid symptoms
  • Cure constipation issues

**Please take the time to learn more.  I have provided a link off to the left side of this blog site.  Here is the link to the movie that explains what I have stated and even more.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYcv6odWfTM



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