Reader’s Suggestions / Questions / Success Stories

Many people are a bit skeptical at first when I discuss the juicing for Crohns therapy.  If they only knew how great they would feel after only 10 days, they would jump at the chance to heal themselves.  Still people continue down the path of handfuls of medication, doctors visits and surgery.  I always found it hard to believe that there was no cure for Crohn’s Disease and for the longest time I believed that from my doctors.  The path to a potential cure is a gradual regeneration of your body and it is a process. 

So what is keeping your from trying this out? I invite you to ask questions, suggest the need for more information and submit a success story if you have taken this path.  I will answer all that post and I will do a feature story on those that post success.   


4 thoughts on “Reader’s Suggestions / Questions / Success Stories

  1. Hi, this probably sounds terrible, but the only reason why I’m hesitant to try this out is because I am afraid all the juices will taste terrible! I am a picky eater and if it tastes terrible despite its benefits I definitely won’t drink it or eat it!


    • I know this is a popular fear on the juicing topic. There is a little system to get your taste buds ready for the good stuff. You start off with basic apple/orange, apple/pear. These taste amazing and even my wife who is super picky told me “best juice ever”. Next you add something to it like apple/pear/cucumber or apple/orange/celery. You slowly make your way up to a green drink, which by then you are somewhat used to it. You should just try signing up for that 30 day challenge just to see the progression of how they introduce it. It is interesting how it just builds on itself. Thank you for the comment- I hope you are feeling well today:)


  2. Questions about smoothies
    I see all the benefits of juicing. I bought a nutribullet a couple weeks ago to start a healthier lifestyle. I’m wondering if I can just do the fruit and vegetable smoothies in the same way as juicing because with the nutribullet there is no throw away. Except the usual, like banana peels or stems. I wouldn’t think it would be worse for me because I would get the whole fruit and vegetable with all the benefits of fiber etc.


    • Oh definitely! A bullet or Ninja blender is just the same or better than a juice. I only recommend juicing for crohns because the high fiber would bother those with crohns or ibs. You are doing a great thing for your body 🙂 🙂 🙂


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