An Inspiring Juicing Success Story : Tracee Sloan

Tracee is the creator of and is a true success story.  She was diagnosed with lupus and lymphoma cancer by a panel of 4 doctors in 1999.  After losing her health insurance, she tried everything she could to treat herself.  This included jumping on mini trampolines to increase circulation to her lymph nodes.  She swam to increase her circulation and tried skin brushing.  Tracee tried hot and cold therapy and tried various ways to flush her liver and kidneys.  She was so determined to beat this threat to her life and was willing to try everything available.  She was also juicing each day in large amounts.  One day after doing all of this self-treatment and juicing she looked in the mirror and realized that she saw a healthy vibrant being looking back at her. She was being monitored by 2 Naturopathic MD’s at the time and had the cancer test every six months. She had to know if what she was doing was working.  The doctor called her after one of them and said, “Congratulations! Keep up the good work.” After doing the test every 6 months for 5 years, the doctor said she was in the clear.  “I was cured of an incurable disease”. “Lupus was gone. Cancer was gone!!”

Tracee continues to juice daily and hasn’t been treated or had any symptoms for either lupus or cancer in over 7 years now!!!  Visit here on her facebook page at :


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