Leaving the days of a handful of pills behind :)

It was not too long ago that I was popping crohns/ibs medication like it was candy all day long. 

This was my schedule:

  • Roll out of bed – 2 IBS pills immediately and 3 entocort steroids.
  • 1 anti-depressant before breakfast
  • 2 pentasa at breakfast, a probiotic and multi-vitamin
  • 2 pentasa at mid morning
  • 2 pentasa at the end of the work day
  • 2 pentasa before bed
  • 2 different ibs pills right before bed

After changing my diet, cleansing my system and adding juicing, I now only take the Probiotic and Multi-vitamin.  This is almost unbelievable to me as I always feel the fear these days that I have forgotten to take something.  I weaned down off of my medication very slowly as I did this.  I believed in the fact that the properties of the vegetables, herbs and fruits would heal my system naturally.  I am now free of all of the pills above for over 3 months now.  I am so excited about this!!!  This is the purpose of my blog.  **I would never say to go off of your medication.  You should always consult your doctor before doing that**! The amount that I would pay for all of this medication per month was clear over $100.00 + specialist visits of $70.00 every other month.  I am so grateful that I have found this way and I hope you take the time to read into this method for allowing your body to do what it does best, HEAL ITSELF!!!!! Send me a message with any questions you have.  I am more than happy to help you out!!


2 thoughts on “Leaving the days of a handful of pills behind :)

  1. This is incredibly inspirational, I am dying for the day to come when I don’t have to take any more soul destroying medication. How did you do it? x


    • Thank you!! I really explained what I did in a topic called “Healing Crohns step by step. If you scroll down to just about the bottom you will see that article and it is exactly what I did in order to get to this point. It has been quite a journey, but now I want to help others:):):)


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